Dynamic Heart and Circulation


By: Craig Holdrege

Written by doctors, scientists, and teachers, the contributions in this book present a dynamic picture of the circulatory system that both balances and puts into perspective the prevailing one-sided mechanical explanations that dominate science and medical education. High school and medical students today don't usually learn "the heart has functions that can be interpreted in terms of a pressure pump;" rather, they learn "the heart is a pump," meaning that's all it is. When a metaphor is taken as a fact and becomes the sole lens through which one looks, the richness of reality recedes behind the sharp and narrow focus. One aim of this book is to transcend this narrow view and to begin to restore life to our understanding of the heart and circulation.

This book will fill a long-existing void in the literature. It will stimulate teachers, health professionals, scientists and lay people seeking a dynamic perspective on human physiology that is both detailed and comprehensive.

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  • ISBN: 1888365390