Pharmacopoeia of the PRC


Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China

(Volume 1)

By: Chin Pharmacopoeia Commission

This deluxe individually slipcased 3-volume set was compiled by the Editorial Board of Pharmacopoeia of the PRC in 2005. The main body of the text of Volume 1 presents a Latin name ordering of the materia medica and includes description, identification, chemical analysis, extractives, assay, action, indications, usage and dosage, precautions, and storage. Each entry is notated with Chinese, pinyin, and English name. Additional monographs present oil, fats, and extractives of materia medica agents, and listings and analyses of traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations. An assortment of appendices describe general requirements for prepared medicines; sampling, quality control, processing, and microscopic identification of crude drugs; and an exhaustive listing of biomedical analyses including spectrophotometry and chromatography. Volume 2 deals with monographs of chemical drugs, antibiotics, biochemical preparations, radiopharmaceuticals, and excipients for pharmaaceutical use. Volume 3 contains monographs of biological products. (Over 3000 pages in all.)

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  • ISBN: 9787117069823