Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications


Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications, Pharmacological Effects and Clinical Research [Hardcover]
By: John K. Chen and Tina T. Chen

In this companion volume to Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology, Dr. John Chen and Tina Chen take the next step in presenting a comprehensive resource for clinical practice alongside the pharmacological and integrative significance of Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications effectively spans the distance from the historical foundations of Chinese herbal medicine to the most contemporary research and application of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the 21st century. While maintaining a firm focus on equipping today’s Traditional Chinese Medicine professional for superior practice, the authors carefully combine perspectives on pharmacology and relevant research to provide a two-way bridge of understanding and communication between healthcare professionals in integrative medicine. Enhancing the understanding of herbal medicine from multiple perspectives, this text offers powerful insights to improve patient care and therapeutic outcomes.

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  • ISBN: 9780974063577