Great Compendium of Acupuncture Vol. 9


Zhen Jiu Da Cheng

By: Yang Ji Zhou
Translated by: Lorraine Wilcox

Volume IX of The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion by Yáng Jìzhōu translated by Lorraine Wilcox, Ph.D, L.Ac.,is broken into four parts: The first part covers 151 different patterns and how to treat them with acupuncture and moxibustion, the second part covers miscellaneous subjects such as: Lǐ Dōngyuán's Method of Acupuncture The Treatment Methods of Famous Physicians describing: Sores with Toxins, Throat Impediment, Dribbling Blockage, The Eyes, Injury, The Supreme Unity Spirit Talisman, and Sūn Sīmiǎo's Song of Needling the Thirteen Ghost Points. In the third part of the text Yáng writes extensively about moxibustion methods, and treatment strategies such as: Clever Essentials for Moxibustion, The Four Flowers Method of Master Cuī, Method for Applying Treatment to Gāo Huāng (UB 43), Riding the Bamboo Horse Moxibustion Point Method, Moxibustion on the Taxation Point, Applying Treatment to Shèn Shū (UB 23), Moxibustion Method for the Small Intestine Shàn Qì Points, etc. In the the fourth part of the text Yáng presents 31 case studies where he used acupuncture, moxibustion, and occasionally herbal formulas to treat the patients. This section serves not just to discuss Yáng's successes but is also a venue to talk about the deeper meaning of some of his treatment strategies.

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