Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture


Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture: an Illustrated Manual of Acupuncture Points
by Yu-Lin Lian

Assembled by a team of Chinese and German professionals, this large atlas, luxuriously produced in full-color, is a profusely illustrated manual of acupuncture points: those on the main channels, as well as the extraordinary vessels and extra points (409 total). Three different types of illustrations are provided for each set of points: a graphic which indicates body location; an overview of channels which depicts the point in the context of its pathway; and a photograph showing the needle in position. The text that accompanies the illustrations includes descriptives of location, needling technique, actions, indications, and precautions. In addition to this excellent information, the text also provides important material concerning measurement techniques, needling techniques, depth and direction of needling, obtaining the qi sensation, needle stimulation, and point categories. With an agreeable price as well, it is sure to be a worthwhile investment for student and practitioner alike.

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  • ISBN: 9783833152894