Acupuncture Desk Reference Volume 2


By: David J. Kuoch

Acupuncture Desk Reference Volume 2 (ADR2)
The perfect complement to the original ADR1, Acupuncture Desk Reference V2, 2nd edition (2011) includes: pain management, women’s health, infertility, shen disturbance, facial acupuncture, acutonics, qi gong and Master Tung. ADR2 includes a differential diagnosis, symptoms, formulas, and points for common health problems. ADR2, like the original keeps concepts brief in nature, a comprehensive book with quick review guiding the practitioner to become a more active participant with patient’s health. This 432-page clinic reference book presents detailed charts, points, symptoms, protocols, and recommended formulas for healthcare professionals.

As a pocket reference, it’s easy to understand, well organized and durable-compact enough to be taken anywhere. With all the invaluable information it offers, ADR1 and ADR2 belongs on the shelf of every health practitioner.

The two most compact companions available for use in your practice.

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  • ISBN: 0981563104