Acupuncture Desk Reference Volume 1


By David J. Kuoch

Acupuncture Desk Reference (ADR1)
Acupuncture Desk Reference, 2nd edition (2010) has been completely updated from our first spiral bound edition. Extremely popular with acupuncturists, herbalists, and student practitioners, this 496-page clinic reference book is essential for all acupuncturists. It provides more than 315 Chinese formulas, 370 herbs, Zang Fu, acupuncture points, special categories, clinical indications, methods, practice, and food as medicine for the most common ailments. One third of this book is devoted to Western Medicine, which allows the user to check for drugs, labs, herbal interactions, botanicals, nutrients and supplements. A resource section provides the most up-to-date information for your everyday clinical practice, including insurance providers, suppliers and general health forms for your practice.

In practice, a health professional already knows the information but needs comprehensive yet concise references, charts and guides to refresh his/her memory. Practitioners are expected to have clinical knowledge and skills across many fields, and both ADR and ADR2 provides the essentials for clinical practice.

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  • ISBN: 0615154638