Sticking to the Point Vol. I


Sticking to the Point, Vol. I: A Traditional Methodology for the Step by Step Formulation and Administration of a TCM Acupuncture Treatment
By: Bob Flaws

A new, revised edition of the first book for students and practitioners which explains how to do TCM style acupuncture. This book explains in depth how to do a complex, individualized TCM pattern discrimination, how to arrange and make sense of a welter of confusing signs and symptoms, and how to think using TCM terms and statement of fact. Western students and beginning practitioners will find this book an invaluable aid in honing their ability to understand and use TCM. Although specifically about acupuncture, the method presented in this book can be used to erect a TCM treatment plan using any Chinese modality Chinese herbs, Chinese dietary therapy, tui na or Chinese massage, or qi gong, Chinese energy exercises. Included in this book are the functions of the main points of acupuncture and the functions of the main two and three point combinations.

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  • ISBN: 0936185171