Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Vol.1


Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Vol.1 Energetic Anatomy and Physiology

By: Jerry Alan Johnson

Students and practitioners of qi gong will be pleased to know that the information contained within the Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Text has been extensively expanded and is now available as five individual textbooks. Each is composed of both modern and ancient knowledge, graphics, and expanded techniques that are both fascinating and intriguing. Never before in the history of Chinese Medicine has a textbook series been made available to the public that includes such comprehensive and thorough understandings on ancient Chinese energetic healing techniques and such thorough explanations of ancient Chiense esoteric theories. The author is an internationally recognized Grand Master of martial, medical, and spiritual qigong training.

Volume 1: Energetic Anatomy and Physiology includes a thorough understanding of the creation and development of the body's energetic fields, ancient metaphysical theories of tissue formation, and the evolution of ancient Chinese energetic medicine.

The featured highlights of this clinical textbook include:

    Foundations of Chinese Energetic Medicine
    The History of Qigong and Chinese Medicine
    Understanding Ancient Chinese Metaphysics
    The Energetic Formation of the Universe
    Energetic Formation of the Human Body
    Energetic Embryological Development
    Prenatal and Postnatal Energetic Patterns
    Ancient Daoist Archetypes of the Human Soul
    The Hun (Ethereal Soul) and Po (Corporeal Soul)
    Tissue Formation and Development
    The Five Energies of the Human Body
    The 12 Chakra Gates and The Three Dantians
    The Taiji Pole and Three Dantians
    The Eight Extraordinary Vessels
    The Six Extraordinary Organs
    The 12 Primary Organs, Channels and Collaterals
    The Connecting Vessels, Divergent Channels, Muscle and Tendon Channels and Skin Zones
    The Body's Energetic Points

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  • ISBN: 1885246285