With an Introduction to Analysis using Cycles and Segments

In his second book, Dr. Paul Herscu takes us through his basic understanding of homeopathy, through the idea of cycles and segments and the how-to of his practice of homeopathy. He then illustrates this through a detailed description of the remedy Stramonium. This book also highlights his ideas of treating people over time and the hierarchy of symptoms which he developed. George Vithoulkas (who wrote the forward) says of this book, "Paul Herscu is a serious researcher of homeopathy. I feel that he has given a very good, well-proved, and extensive exposition of Stramonium. He has undertaken a thorough study of this remedy after taking many cases of children in his own practice. Most interestingly, he presents and emphasizes Stramonium as a remedy used in the treatment of children with autistic symptoms, often with good, positive results. He has paid great attention to details of symptoms when covering Stramonium, and I can recommend his book to anyone who wishes to have a fuller comprehensive knowledge of this remedy.

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  • ISBN: 0965400409