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Grand Rounds Class Application

Applications take a minimum of two weeks to review. If Continuing Education requirements are requested please submit the application at least six weeks prior to your event date as Boards and Review committees have a longer turn around time to approve Continuing Education Units.

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*CV OR BIO CE programs must be presented by qualified professionals per OAR 850-040-0210(2)(b), including NDs and/or professionally recognized health care providers or educators with expertise in the subject matter. Your request must include a bio or curriculum vitae that establish the presenter is qualified to present information on the topic.
*PRESENTATION SUMMARY 120 words or less description of the class.
PowerPoint A PowerPoint of your presentation is requested a minimum of one week prior to your presentation. This can be emailed directly to
??? QUESTIONS ??? We are available at 503-552-1548 or 503-552-1847, and email
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CV or Bio
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