Five Elements in Clinical Practice

Testimonials about David Ford, LAc

"I first worked with David in a workshop he taught at OCOM in 2002. I had been fascinated by the philosophy of the 5 elements as presented in my Master's program and wanted to dig in deeper. I found his approach accessible and engaging. He presented the elements and spirits of the points with simplicity, calling on us to find inspiration in the natural beauty in such abundance around us. From this beginning, I endeavored to join a year-long study program that was forming, that he was teaching with David Berkshire. In the following year through art and discussion, lecture and treatment, my classmates and I learned the Worsely system. After having studied with other instructors of this system, I feel David's combination of humor and inspiration to have been the best fit for me to learn this subtle but powerful system of healing.

I am an instructor of core curriculum and a clinic supervisor at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where I obtained my Master's and Doctoral degrees. I have been privileged to teach 5E in this context as well as in the community. I often draw on David's teaching methods to help inspire my students."
~Liz March DAOM LAc

"David Ford is one of the most amazing practitioners and teachers I have ever known. His lectures on Five Element acupuncture are clear, concise and inspiring. He is an outstanding lecturer and provides a new way to interview and treat your patients. He takes you far beyond rote thinking and provides new insights and tools that will make you a better practitioner. He also has an excellent sense of humor and is a clear and engaging presenter. We always did our best to get him at the Alliance conferences and his presentations were always packed. Don’t miss this chance to see him.”

~Barbara Mitchell, J.D., LAc, Former Chair of the NCCAOM, former Executive Director of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance and author of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine State Laws books

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