Five Elements in Clinical Practice

Saturday & Sunday, October 25-26, 2014
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
NCNM Academic Building, Room 321

Not to be missed! Reawaken to the magical roots of all medicines through the rainbow lens of 5 element cartography - the shamanic branch of oriental medicine.

During this weekend practitioners will learn the clinical tools of the five-element blocks to treatment of possession, aggressive energy, husband/wife imbalances, and exit/entry blocks. Often when a patient isn't responding to treatment or keeps regressing these blocks are indicated to allow progress. Clinicians and patients have found these treatments to be extremely profound for the body, mind and spirit, and often allow deep levels of healing. This workshop is targeted to all healthcare professionals as well as business executives, but would also benefit interested members of the public.

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David Ford, LAcDavid Ford, LAc describes himself as a simple farm-boy from New Zealand. Through 30 years of exploring this medicine through time in nature, observing children, and reading extensively from a diversity of sources, David has come to a deep understanding of the energetic expression of the individual. David is well known as a story-teller whose understanding of the spirit of the acupuncture points, expression and lessons in natural form give him good reason to call the five element system of Chinese medicine our shamanic roots. David's lectures are experiential, inspiring, and deeply nourishing to the soul of the practitioner and student alike.

David Ford has invested 40 years as an Five Element clinician and teacher. He is also a highly read global historian who has studied comparative philosophies and religions.  He humbly believes that Five Elements is the most profound, community-centric personal liberation system available to humanity. These weekends will positively transform your results in clinical practice.


Five Elements: October 25–26, 2014


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"I have been studying with David for over 15 years and through his clear transmission of the natural laws I discovered the core of this medicine and it has supported me in the clinical success I have today."

David Berkshire, L.Ac., Associate Dean and Clinical Faculty, School of Classical Chinese Medicine, NCNM, Portland, Oregon

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