Ethics in Clinical Practice through Social Justice Theatre

Presented by Tamara Lynne, Living Stages

June 15, 2013
8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
NCNM, Academic Building, Room 310

Ethical healthcare is equitable, does no harm, and respects the autonomy and self-determination of patients. Through theatre exercises, participants will have the chance to examine their own experiences relating to moments of oppression and ethical breakdowns in healthcare, explore what these mean for clinical practice, and begin to imagine what ethical, equitable healthcare look like.

Through interactive theatre, attendees will have an opportunity to:

  • Broaden understanding of the intersections between social justice and ethical practice

  • Deepen understanding of their own experiences of privilege and oppression

  • Explore systemic oppression and how it impacts the communities in which they work

  • Practice taking action to interrupt oppression in the clinical setting

  • Envision possibilities for just, ethical, equitable healthcare for all communities


Healthcare practitioners – $85

NCNM Alumni – $75

Staff & Faculty – $50

Students – $25

 Professional CEUs: 5.0 CEUs (Ethics) approved by OBNM

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Presenter Bio

Tamara Lynne been performing since the street theatre of her youth in small-town Oregon, and is passionate about theatre as a process of transformation and empowerment. Since 2001 when she first trained with Augusto Boal, she has offered Theatre of the Oppressed workshops to the Portland community. In 2004 she traveled to Brazil to work and train with the theatre brigades of the MST, Brazil's Landless Movement. She is founder of Living Stages, and also performs with Portland Story Theater and works with PlayWrite, Inc.