Alumni Survey Results

For your reference, we've made available the results of several alumni surveys.

Alumni Financial Success and Employment Trends–Each Program

The 2010 alumni survey captured more specific data on alumni financial success and employment trends specific to each program track. Follow these links for reports on alumni from the following schools:

Success of NCNM in Meeting Education Goals/Alumni Financial Success

In spring of 2009 NCNM surveyed NCNM alumni to obtain their opinion regarding the success of the college in meeting its educational goals, as well as to obtain information on the financial success of alumni

Additional income data surveys.

Success of Graduates in MSOM or MSOM/ND Programs

In 2008 NCNM conducted its first survey designed to capture graduate success information specific to graduates of the MSOM or MSOM/ND programs.

Patterns of Alumni Successful Practice

The 2006 alumni survey specifically sought information identifying patterns of successful practice among alumni.