Alumni Benefits, Resources, Discounts & Continuing Education

As an Alumni Association member, you will receive the following resources. Join the Alumni Association today!

Free access to:

  • Website link/alumni online listing
  • NCNM library access for local or visiting alumni

Special services:

  • NCNM special alumni events and receptions
  • NCNM’s medicinary discount

You will also receive:

  • Quarterly Alumni Newsletter
  • Semi-Annual NCNM Connection for Patients
  • Clinic handout templates

Community Resources

NCNM offers alumni access to a variety of resources in the Portland community, including a coupon book for graduates, insurance, legal and practice promotion services. Learn more.

Clinic Forms

NCNM has a wide variety of clinic forms available for download and use in your practice. Click here to learn more.

Alumni Discounts

NCNM alumni enjoy discounts at a select group of national merchants - Brookstone,, and Click this link and learn more about these discounts.

Continuing Education – Special Offers

As an Alumni Association member, NCNM offers you online CE and other special offers on a periodic basis. Click here to learn more about alumni CE discounts.

Some notes about online CE: NCNM offers online naturopathic CE consisting of Grand Rounds, Pharmacy Continuing Education approved by the OBNE, and recent CE classes presented at NCNM.