Student Research Opportunities

For students who are interested in integrative medicine research, there are two work-study research positions are available for MSiMR and ND students at NCNM's Helfgott Research Institute.

Research Assistant
Research assistants gather background information through literature reviews and create information databases.  We ask that research assistants set aside a weekly three–hour block of time to be available to help with research projects or do literature searches at NCNM's Helfgott Research Institute. Students who create a viable database of background research in a provided subject area, submit a written document (article for journal/ magazine, web or blog text) and participate for at least two years are eligible for the Honors in Research designation at graduation.

Research Apprentice
Research apprentices support investigator and MSiMR projects by gathering background information, creating documents and helping to implement studies. The Intro to Research and Ethics course (RES 518) is required for this level of research. These credits can also count as an ND elective credit. Students who make a significant contribution to a project, prepare a written protocol, IRB or grant submission and participate for at least two years are eligible for the Honors in Research designation at graduation.

To participate in the student research program, please follow these steps:

  1. Position Requirements

    Research Assistants Only: Block off a weekly three–hour period when you can commit to being at Helfgott Research Institute.

    Research Apprentices Only: Register for Intro to Research and Ethics (RES 518). This introductory course covers the process of conducting clinical research including Responsible Conduct of Research training, HIPAA training and the IRB process.

  2. Apply for a workstudy position. See the "Apply for a Research Opportunity" page for complete instructions.

  3. Complete the online Helfgott Research Institute application available at: Please detail your interests and skills so that we can find the best project for you.

  4. Once the three steps above are complete, set up an appointment with Student Research Specialist Morgan Schafer by emailing her at: She will meet with you to discuss your interests and potential projects.

Questions? Contact Morgan Schafer at or 503.552.1752