Apply for a Research Position

To receive work–study funds for participating in research, you must be eligible for financial aid through the NCNM Financial Aid Department. If you are unsure of your Financial Aid status, please contact Sheila Yacob at or 503.552.1618.

To Apply for a Work-Study Position

  • If you are eligible for financial aid, you can register for a Research Assistant work–study position.

  • After you have spoken to Morgan Schafer, go to the Work-Study Jobs page.

  • On the “Work Study Jobs” page select the “Helfgott Research Assistant” position (regardless of whether you are planning to be a research assistant or apprentice–all research work study positions are called “research assistant.”)

  • Follow the directions to apply for a position. After you apply, allow three business days for processing.

  • You will receive a hire form in your mailbox. Sign the form, take it to Morgan Schafer for her signature, then return it to the financial aid mailbox in the NCNM business office.

Questions? Contact Morgan Schafer at or 503.552.1752