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The core, or required, curriculum for the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree provides the foundation and skills necessary for establishing a naturopathic family practice. NCNM's Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program offers a four–year and five–year track with Winter admittance available for both tracks.

Program Overview

First year studies include the normal structure and function of the body with a solid introduction to naturopathic theory, philosophy, and therapeutics and begins the organ systems courses,

Second year continues the organ systems courses and focuses on the study of disease and diagnosis while beginning course work in botanical medicine, therapeutic manipulation, clinical nutrition, and homeopathic medicine sequences. To enter into the clinical training of the third year, students must pass all basic science courses and diagnostic courses, as well as a clinic entrance examination.

Third year continues focusing on the botanical medicine, manipulation, clinical nutrition, and homeopathic medicine sequences, which emphasize case management, and gives major emphasis to clinical training. Students must pass a clinical primary status exam to proceed in the clinic.

Fourth year The major focus of the fourth year is practical clinical training, working side by side with licensed physicians caring for patients. A clinic proficiency exam ensures clinical competency prior to graduation.

View the course sequence for each track along with a listing of ND electives.

Four - Year Track

Five - Year Track

ND Electives

ND Curricula

PDFs of the college catalog and course of study for our different ND tracks are available for download. Click the link below to download a pdf of a specific program.

2012–2013 NCNM Course Catalog

ND Four–Year Track

ND Track Four–Year – Winter Admittance

ND Five–Year Track

ND Five–Year Track – Winter Admittance

ND Electives