Master of Acupuncture for Working Professionals

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The MAc program is not admitting new students for the 2014-2015 academic year

ChinaNCNM’s Master of Acupuncture program is designed for working professionals searching for a system of diagnosis and treatment that can address the root cause of disease.

Chinese medicine is a sophisticated medical science that restores health by following the laws of nature. Much more than a mechanical technique capable of treating chronic pain, acupuncture is a multi–layered system with the potential to treat even highly complicated internal and psychiatric diseases.

The philosophical foundation of Chinese medicine is in many ways fundamentally different from that of allopathic medicine. While biomedical science can be understood within the framework of classical Chinese medicine, the reverse is not always true, as biomedicine has a more limited frame of reference. Over the past century, especially since 1949, Chinese medicine has been practiced and taught from an increasingly biomedical perspective. In the process, much of its exceptional clinical effectiveness has been lost.

NCNM’s School of Classical Chinese Medicine is dedicated to restoring the classical approach to this ancient system. We believe that the depth and range of clinical outcomes that are predictable when acupuncture is applied by practitioners embodying the classical approach far surpass what can be achieved by practitioners working from a biomedical mindset alone. Moreover, we trust that the brilliance of Western biomedicine can shine brightest when applied within the context of a medical system highly attuned to achieving harmony by adhering to natural law.

We respect that, as practicing clinicians, your time is precious. Many of you could get an acupuncture license with a lot less effort, as an increasing number of healthcare professions have added “dry needling” and even acupuncture to their scope of practice with minimal training requirements. We don’t doubt that the graduates of such programs have learned a technique that can alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions in certain patients. However, such trainings are simply too short to nurture the development of clinicians capable of tapping the true wisdom and power of this ancient medicine. At their best, they provide clinicians with useful skills and the motivation to pursue more comprehensive training. The concomitant risk is that patient health can be compromised when treatments are applied by practitioners with a limited understanding of the system in which they are working. We want potential patients to be aware of the full range of benefits that can gained from acupuncture, and are concerned that this aim could be hindered by the influx of minimally trained practitioners into the healthcare market. 

If our approach appeals to you, we encourage you to bring the richness of your knowledge and clinical experience to NCNM. Contribute your insights while joining our community of scholar-practitioners at the leading edge of the international movement to infuse ancient wisdom into modern medical practice. You are eligible to receive transfer credit for the biomedical portion of the program, letting you focus on the essential didactic and clinical experiences setting you firmly on a lifelong path of mastering this powerfully effective and rewarding system of medicine. 

Program Details

The Professional Track Master of Acupuncture program is designed for students seeking the following: 

  • To focus their practice on acupuncture rather than Chinese herbs

  • Serious classical training that emphasizes “hands–on” experience

  • A streamlined program that can be individually enhanced by an extensive list of electives

The full MAc program has 155.25 credits. All professional health care practitioners applying to the program (NDs, MDs, DOs, DCs, RNs, etc) are likely to qualify for the transfer of as many as 40 credits for the Western science portion of the program. The remaining credits can be taken in a 3– or 5–year track, having an average of 10 or seven hours per quarter, respectively.

The schedule is attuned to meet the needs of working professionals. During most quarters, all Monday through Thursday classes will be scheduled starting at 4:30 p.m., with Friday classes starting after 9:30 a.m.

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